Glen in Ronda

Glen in Ronda

www.assessthesituation.com is maintained and written by Glen Speering. Glen holds a Master of Science in Tropical Environmental Management from Charles Darwin University.

The blog includes research and book reviews, reading and writing tips, as well as editorials and opinion pieces – at all times backed and based on research.

Glen is a water quality management specialist, with expertise in pollution reduction policy. Glen’s thesis entitled The Potential Role for Market-Based Instruments in Reducing Pollution Loads Entering Darwin Harbour  earned a Distinction and favourable comments.

His current role is as a Sessional Lecturer and Researcher at Edith Cowan University, Bunbury. He lectures in Science, Social Research Methods and tutors in Writing Skills.

Glen spent three years as a Research Assistant at Charles Darwin University, Darwin in the Northern Territory. He worked in social research and social policy, environmental research, education research and policy, and health and well-being research.

His research interest aside from water quality management and policy is in the housing area, where he is also published.

Glen began his journey into enquiry at Murdoch University, Perth, where he studied Philosophy and Sustainable Development, and approaches matters from their philosophical underpinnings.

Although primarily in the qualitative arena, Glen favours mixed method research and will be using this research blog to improve his quantitative research skills – as well as his research skills and writing as a whole.

Glen currently resides in Bunbury, in the South West of Western Australia in one of the biodiversity hot-spots on Earth.

He is strongly community oriented, as a former President and Vice President of the N.T. University Football Club (The Rats) and Vice President of The University Bulls Cricket Club. Currently, he is an active member of the Bunbury Golf Club.

I hope you enjoy the journey.


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